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Software Development Adelaide

Software Development Adelaide Hero ImageCan you automate parts of your enterprise with software? Software is used to assist or automate processes. A perfect example is a ordering and stock keeping system. You can store suppliers inside a database and select which supplier you would like to buy the stock from. Over time you can add processes to the software to extend it from just a email order to something that feeds into your accounting and gives you data.  Use software to automate and simplify in Adelaide SA. Software can help with giving your staff a specific process to follow. A typical scenario would be to break down a large task that is dependent on one person into segments to delegate to a few people. This can help your enterprise be less staff dependant and more process structured. 
Our Adelaide Software Development core services include: Process Mapping, Work Flow Planning, Programming, Training, Change Management and Activity Report.
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Process Mapping

Work with one of our consultants in mapping out your current processes. Discuss what areas can be built into technology. Start off with automating a small section then grow it as the enterprise needs.

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Start Small Approach

Instead of going through and re building every process into software, we recommend starting off with a section that is simple so staff can adapt to the new way of doing things. This will keep the initial costs down and allow time to plan future improvements.

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Software Development

Once we find the best starting point, we will start developing. We do our development in Adelaide and have a smooth management process. Software can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on complexity.

Software Development Process

Pain Point Discussion

1. We start off by going through your business and finding out what parts you would like a software solution for.

Process Mapping

2. We map out the processes from what we discussed to find out where we could potentially use software.

Software Options

3. We meet with the client and go through suggestions on where we can use software in their business.

Scope Plan

4. We come back with a project scope with what the project will consist of and a time frame.

Software Development

5. We develop the software on the recommended technology. This is the longest part of the process.

Quality Assurance

6. We go through the software and test each area on several devices.

Customer Meeting

7. Show the client how the product works. Plan through any extra things they would like done.

Quality Assurance

8. Do a final test of the system and make sure everything is working as planned.

Handover Meeting

9. We go through everything we have built and do training on how to use the system.


10. Give us a call if you need any help with how the system works.