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service-detail-1 If you still have a pulse, chances are you are seeing the huge impact social media marketing is having on our culture in recent times. At Chooli Technology, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our valued clients, the full digital marketing package. In our experience, we often see that small businesses in Adelaide, are lacking in quality social media content and customer engagement! It is crazy to know that the phone application of mobiles, is the 3rd most used application, coming in behind social media! So what does this mean for you, and your business? Just as savvy business owners transitioned their business’s marketing focus from paper, to radio, and from radio to TV, now is a great opportunity to promote your brand and value, where so many of us are putting our attention; social media!
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Content Research

What content does your audience want to see? What does your business need to promote? This will determine what content we post.

Web Design Adelaide On Page SEO
Branded Post Construction

Are you sick of generic photos on your social media? We make sure that all of our posts have your brand all over it. Whether it a photo of your business or a branded watermark.

Web Design Adelaide Web Development
Social Interaction

We respond to all comments right away to encourage visitors to interact with the social network posts.

Web Design Adelaide Content Management System Websites
Advert Split Testing

Find out which adverts are getting the clicks to your website. We run several adverts at a time to see which posts are actually working.

Web Design Adelaide Google Analytics Install
Activity Reports

We provide a detailed report of your social performance, as well as data about your traffic, top referring posts and a full explanation of your social activity.

The difficulty with this, is that it takes not only expertise, but a reasonable time commitment to see social media for small businesses in Adelaide done well! Experience shows that you need to be posting quality content on a regular basis, in front of the right people, and then taking to time to engage with those people! This is something that it is extremely difficult to do well, when crammed in between the daily hustle and busyness of running a business! If your business finds itself in the position where you recognise and understand the need to incorporate social media into your marketing plan, but don’t have the budget to engage an employee specifically to look after this for you, we have a solution! Through our social media packages, we will come to your business, take photos and/or videos of areas in your business we know will best capture the value in your product or service, and turn that into fantastic social media content, centred around building both brand and consumer loyalty for you! We then use our experience with hashtags, paid promotions and targeted audiences to make sure we are using this quality content, in the most effective way to promote your business! We spend the time to create a SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategy for your business which best addresses the nuisances of your industry, and will guide you through the execution of this strategy! If you are a small business in Adelaide and are unsure about whether or not you are utilising the power of social media in the most effective way, give us a call and we will come have a coffee with you, and walk you through which package is best for your business!