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Advance Landscape and Fodder

Advance Landscape and Fodder is a SA owned and operated business based on Waterloo Corner Road in Burton. They sell a large range of landscape supplies and they are regularly extending their range of Pet, Hardware, Paving, Garden, Fodder, Fire Wood & Building Supplies. From a referral Advance Landscape contacted Josh about getting a online presence as they did not currently have a website. They decided on getting a website developed so their customers could find them online. In the future we plan on potentially building a delivery system and a online store.


The problem was that when you looked up on google "Advance Landscape" there was nothing to see.

This meant that they were losing customers because people were trying to look them up but find nothing.



The primary goal was to give the business a online presence through creating a website and a Google+ page.

This would mean that their customers will be able to contact them online and find them. Being a new website, the hardest part of this process is creating the fresh content. To speed up this process, Josh spent extra time with the client to assist writing the content.



The website was developed within 4 weeks. The content took longer than expected so the project was launched within 12 weeks.

Customers can now find Advance Lanscape online and experience their offering online through their website.



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